Brown Progressive Strategies offers an array of services to take your campaign to the next level online. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a free consultation and allow us to craft a plan that fits your needs. We want to be a close partner in your campaign efforts because we are here for one goal above all: to help Democrats win in Indiana.

Our Process


During our discovery period, we interview the candidate and/or staff and discuss what is important to the campaign, the district, and the candidate. This is vitally important in allowing us to craft a plan that fits you and your campaign perfectly.


In this stage, we get to work and produce an initial offering for you to look over. We present it to you with our analysis and you give us feedback and suggestions and we take what we’ve learned to refine our strategy.

Finalize Strategy

After we perfect our plan and you approve the campaign, we finalize our calendar and move forward. We decide on a launch date to spring into action and prepare for the big day.


Launch day is the day we put all of our planning to work and execute a campaign to help propel you to victory. We stay in close contact throughout the rest of our time together and remain on high alert in case your campaign needs advice or tasks done on the fly.

Staying Flexible

Staying flexible is essential to any political campaign and we pride ourselves on operating a lean, at-the-ready business focused on responding to our clients’ needs right away. While our packages are meticulously planned for optimum success, we understand things can change quickly in a campaign setting, for good or bad. That is why we will always be available and open to changes in your campaign. After all, we all have the same goal: to elect Democrats in Indiana.

Web Development

We offer web design services tailored to your campaign and messaging. We build on a CMS that allows you to take your campaign to the next level with voter outreach, fundraising, and social media integration built right in.

  • Full web design
  • Professionally designed with your specs in mind
  • Websites built to maximize interaction

Social Media Management

Looking to reach voters where they live? Take advantage of our social media management services. We will improve your online exposure, increase your contact with voters, and keep you in the know by giving you the data that fuels decision making.

  • Select the services you’d like us to manage
  • Recommendations from BPS available
  • Full reports given so you know where you stand

Email Management

Being able to reliably contact your most ardent supporters is incredibly important. With our email management services, we will not only make sure you keep in contact with your current list, but we will also help you expand your list with online tactics so you can reach a larger audience than ever before right in their personal inbox.

  • Full list management and promotion
  • Email fundraising blasts
  • Email list segments and targeting

Online Fundraising

We offer online fundraising assistance to get you what every campaign must have: money. Maximize your fundraising capabilities with our strategies.

  • Using social media, email, and landing pages
  • Fully-tested messaging
  • Full online financial management


Event Planning

Need help planning an event? We will handle everything. Be it a fundraiser or a voter outreach event, we can help you.

  • Fundraisers
  • Voter drives
  • Community outreach

Online Video Production

We offer full online video production and editing for your campaign. Online video is incredibly popular and useful for campaigns. Want to reach a younger audience? Or personally make a fundraising ask to your supporters? Work with us to capture their attention with a professional video.

  • Full HD video production and editing
  • Video library management
  • Full promotion packages available


Measure your success with our website, social media, email, and video metrics. We make sure you know what is happening with campaign online with full bi-monthly reports on channel usage, message testing, voter response rates, and the reach of our online efforts.

  • A/B testing
  • Website analytics
  • Social media metrics

Blog Management

Need help filling your website with content after you launch? We can help with our full blogging and website copywriting services. We will work with you to find the issues you want to talk about and where you stand, then make sure your voters hear you. Keeping your voters consistently updated allows you to dictate the conversation.

  • Work closely with us so we are on message
  • Full copywriting services available
  • Give your voters another reason to follow you

Online Ads Management

Want to increase exposure through advertising? We can help. We have years of experience in managing both Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns. Funnel voters to your website with targeted keyword campaigns or increase your fundraising prowess by gaining traffic to your donation pages. We can also help you gain Facebook followers and build your fan page to great heights.

  • Target your voters efficiently by using location filtering
  • Keyword and targeting consultation
  • Full reports available weekly

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