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Brown Progressive Strategies understands that when it comes to campaigning online, the list isn’t everything, but it is a whole lot of it. That’s why we work with campaigns across Indiana to help build their email lists and expand the online presence of Democratic campaigns. One way we do this is through the use of our recommended tool, ActionSprout. ActionSprout allows campaigns to create online petitions that collect names and email addresses from those that sign. This allows you to take issues or events that matter and leverage the online community to take action. The results can be mind-blowing and are an integral part of BPS’ list-building strategies.

What They Needed

The Indiana Senate Democrats needed to expand their email list to better reach voters around that state. Most of all, they wanted to reach Hoosiers that supported public education and were tired of the attacks from Gov. Pence and his administration on our elected Superintendent, Glenda Ritz.

How We Helped

With help from the Senate Democrats staff, we crafted an ActionSprout campaign that would go out on the day that a particularly heated Board of Education took place. The campaign called for Hoosiers to stand with Supt. Glenda Ritz against those on the Board that were attempting to strip her powers as part of their political agenda to give more power to Governor Pence.  

The Results

The results were astounding, gathering support from over 3,650 Hoosiers and nearly tripling the Senate Democrats email list. In addition to the success with Indiana voters, ActionSprout also chose our campaign for a Case Study and named it ‘Action of the Day’ on their website. The petition was an overwhelming success and we are able to organize these thousands of voters and advocates to continue the fight to improve education in Indiana.

ActionSprout Stats


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