Beth White for Secretary of State


Beth White is the current Marion County Clerk and candidate for Indiana Secretary of State. She is extremely qualified for the job and has earned the trust of voters — from her passion for voting rights to her work in registering new US citizens every month at special events she arranges, she has proven she would make a great Secretary of State. Her drive for success and commitment to equality are admirable traits and we are proud to have helped her 2014 campaign.

What They Needed

A website that worked for them. They started with a basic website that they had simply outgrown and they were looking to add new donation features, media, and refresh the look of their online presence.

How We Helped

And refresh the appearance we did. We also added more donation functionality, more prominent email signup forms, some GOTV tools, and even a function for selling t-shirts.

The Results

The Beth White campaign now has a website where they can collect names and emails, learn about prospective voters, and manage online contributions at a level they previously could not. Clerk White continues to raise money and build support and we wish her luck in her campaign.

Project Details

Beth White for Secretary of State

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